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Document Shredding Services

Once you entrust Ball and Waite to take care of your document shredding, you can guarantee that your company documents will be destroyed with a full audit trail, from the confidential waste collection to the signed destruction certificate which confirms that the records have been destroyed and recycled in accordance with current confidentiality legislation. All document shredding takes place in a high security environment which is further continuously protected by closed circuit video surveillance and access control systems at all times. Under close supervision, all document shredding waste is fed directly into our powerful industrial shredders and within a few hours of collection from your premises, your confidential waste will be processed into unrecognisable and unrecoverable fragments. Our discreet and confidential document shredding service offers total piece of mind for your company.

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Industrial Shredders

Our state-of-the-art confidential document shredder shreds to security level 4, destroying paper at a rate of 600 sheets continuous shredding and producing a massive 300 kgs of recyclable paper, which is then baled for maximum efficiency. Immediately after secure destruction, a detailed Certificate of Destruction is issued to you for your records. This is your guarantee that each consignment has been safely and securely destroyed, and that your business complies with the DPA in regards to out-of-date records.

Caring for the Environment

Ball and Waite are working towards a sustainable future for everyone and this new confidential waste shredder helps to reduce our carbon footprint and ensures we comply with our prestigious environmental standard – the BS 14001. We have the capability to reduce our cardboard waste from removals works and divert many items from expensive and environmentally un-friendly landfill sites.

Data Protection Act

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, all companies are responsible for the security of personal information and for ensuring that data is safely and securely destroyed when it is no longer required. The Data Protection Act (DPA) covers not only “personal data” (information relating to an identified person) held on computers but also data recorded and held in manual filing systems. The Data Protection Registrar’s guidelines are quite specific and further defines that “Personal data held for any purpose or purposes shall not be kept for longer than is necessary… it will be appropriate to dispose of documents by shredding…”

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